January 2017 at Saratoga Springs

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Just got caught up! Sounds like an awesome trip! I thought the Frozen Ever After ride was super cute and, I may be in the minority, but I thought it was done well. I absolutely agree that I would never wait in the standby line for it, though. We arrived for our trip on the 4th, the day you said you hit quite a bit of crowds at MK, and didn't find the crowds TOO terrible at Epcot. They weren't great, but about what I was expecting with the festival and it being a weekend. We definitely noticed the increased security, though. We had a stroller and a bag and even with that, we still only got to skip the metal detectors maybe two or three times. All the food sounds delicious (have added Tokyo Dining and Skipper Canteen to the must try list) and your Splash Mountain picture is fantastic! laugh Thanks for sharing!