Lack of Epcot Resturants in DDP 2014

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Lack of Epcot Resturants in DDP 2014


Hi Everyone!!

We just came back from a wonderful 8 days in WDW and chose not to do the dining plan, just use our Tables in Wonderland card. It was a great choice, we tried many appetizers that we had not tried due to the limits when on the DDP.
We are returning in May and Sept of 2014, and were thinking about using the plan until I looked at the participating restaurants in Epcot!! There are just 4, 5 if you count Le Celliar with 2 credits!! We have DVC at the Beach Club and like to walk to I think we will stick to the Tables in Wonderland!!


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They're probably still finalizing the restaurants for next year. Keep checking the list and you should see restaurants added.


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I agree with JoAnn...I would check back after the first of the year, if I remember correctly when I first looked at the DDP for 2014 there were only about 20 restaurants total on it, and now there are many more, so crossfingers that more choices will be added!


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They probably need confirmation from restaurants. Many restaurants in WDW are third party. Mostly those are DTD and DAK but I think there might be a couple in Epcot as well.

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This happens every year people so don't get excited.

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No worries!

I agree with what MrHub says - The DDP restaurants aren't finalized until the very end of the year. Not all of the restaurants are run by Disney and they have contract negotiations every year in joining the plan, it can sometimes take awhile. I know that it's hard to wait, but take a deep breath and hang in there! It's usually a pretty safe assumption that all of the Epcot restaurants will be on the list.

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DDP is essential in my book. after having it and eating around the entire property I would never go again without it.

BTW Le Cellier was disappointing in service and food quality. thank goodness they made a mistake and only charged us 1 meal instead of the 2 it was supposed to be per person.
Believe it or not Maya Grill with it's new head chef was far superior in the steak dept and service dept.

As for appetizers we always ordered them and still came out way ahead considering the receipts for nearly all of our meals for just 2 people were all WELL north of 100 dollars without tips.

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Like everyone else has said. Things really dont get finalized till the last minute. Its very typical of what is there now is what will be next year. Especially with Epcot. DTD is usually the fun one to wait for... lol


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Maybe if they took some restaurants off the dining plan, the quality would get better...maybe? Just dreaming.


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