List of 2009 Disney Movies

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List of 2009 Disney Movies

Here's a list of the movies Disney will be releasing in 2009:

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Thanks for the link!

We saw a preview for UP and Andrew & I both agreed that we want to see it in the theatres. The preview was pretty simple, but it still grabbed us both!

Otherwise, I think The Proposal will be a cute romantic comedy. I love Sandra Bullock! I also got a little excited about The Princess and the Frog. Although, I gotta admit, the part about it being from the makers of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin is what pulled me in! I do think it's pretty neat that it is set in New Orleans!

The site is incorrect on one movie though, Toy Story 3 is coming out in 2010, but I'm still excited!!!!


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A lot of those look really fun! I'm excited about UP and Princess and the Frog, now, too! silly

I really, really, really want to get into the Disneynature series, but I fear it'll be a bit too National Geographic-y in that it'll inevitably include family separation, death, and other things I don't need to be reminded of when I'm spending an afternoon at the movies... sarcastic


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Well, I know what DW is going to want to see! Maybe we'll buy some tickets early and surprise her.




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"Up" seems to be highly anticipated by everyone who's seen the previews. The Frog Princess doesn't seem like quite the same slam dunk. I really wish it would do well because I do enjoy the regular 2-d animation and would like to see a return to the "glory days" of "Little Mermaid" etc.