Luggage Dilema

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Luggage Dilema

I'm looking for some travel advice. This may be lengthy so please bear with me. We are flying out to WDW in Jan aboard Jet Blue and because of their luggage policy we are limited to one suitcase and one carry-on each, (wife & I) now I have come to the conclusion that I will need to have one more bag to bring along because of a cooler that I have to bring to keep my diabetes medicine cool and another case to bring all my other medicines that I have to carry with me. The cooler and medicine bag ARE allowed under medical equip. However I have a camera bag that has to travel with me and will have to be put IN my carry-on bag, and what would normally go into my carry-on will have to go into the third checked bag. Now I have no problem paying the extra $30 for the extra suitcase. However on the RETURN trip I thought I read that when taking advantage of resort flight check-in at your resort They would not accept the extra luggage because they are just representing the airlines and there was no procedure in place for accepting payment. Obviously I do NOT want to put my expensive DSLR camera in checked baggage. My other alternative would be to ship a package via UPS or FED-EX but then I run a risk of losing it in the shipping. It would be insured but still. I once had my son ship me some extra medicine (overnight) and I never got it for three days, What would you all suggest or what would you do in my place.


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My first thought is to NOT use the check-in at the resort. If the third bag is the problem, why not just take the luggage yourself to the airport?

The thought occurred to me that you might be using DME, in which case it would be CRAZY for them to not accept extra baggage. Surely a certain percentage of people have an extra bag who use DME -- they would be bonkers to not have a system in place for that.

So, if DME is the problem, I'd contact DME directly and make sure that the extra baggage is not accepted.

If, for some reason, it's not accepted, consider shipping all of your dirty clothes home instead of the camera. That way, you can have your expensive and important items with you AND put off doing laundry for a few days!


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Well, first of all, I think you can cut down significantly on the amount of luggage you take by taking fewer clothes and shoes and such. Chances are, you're taking more than you need to (most of us do). You only need 1 or 2 pair of shoes at Disney, including the ones you wear on the plane. There are laundry facilities at Disney resorts, so you can get away
with bringing fewer clothes and just washing them partway through your
trip. The same pair of pants and shorts can be worn more than once without washing.

All that needs to be in your carryon is your camera equipment, one change of clothing and other miscellaneous valuables, right? I use a backpack as my carry on and it doubles as my camera bag once I'm at Disney. This way, I can throw all sorts of different things in there to carry on the plane--camera equipment, a book to read, my cell phone, one change of clothes, snacks, prescriptions, etc. And it all fits under the seat in front of me. For that matter, I'm pretty sure you are allowed to take a carryon bag plus one personal item on Jetblue. So you could take a backpack plus a carryon suitcase. Do check with Jetblue directly to confirm that they would view a backpack as a personal item. I hardly think they'd complain, though, since I've seen the size of some women's purses. laugh

In regards to the trip home, I agree that if you had to, you could ship your dirty clothes home.



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Good point, SF, with the carryon + personal item. You could take the camera as your personal item and a carryon additionally.

If worse comes to worst, they can always gate check items for you.




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