Magic of Disney store at MCO Closed

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Magic of Disney store at MCO Closed

The Orlando International Airport (MCO) announced that the Magic of Disney store by the Gates 1-59 security entrance will close as of the evening of 7/25.

We don't fly into MCO any more but we always browsed this store for any last minute "must haves".

On the plus side there will be a new Disney store in the spring of 2019. And there is still the Earport store by the Hyatt atrium.

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I was on the Trip Advisor forum earlier and someone asked about the Disney store at MCO. I went to give them the location of the stores. When I looked on MCO's website I only saw Earport. I thought there was another store by gates 1 -59. This explains why it wasn't there.


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Oh no! I shopped there all the time to spend any last money I had on my gift cards. Very bummed by this.