Is Middle Earth Coming to Universal Orlando

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Is Middle Earth Coming to Universal Orlando

I found this story while surfing the internet this morning. I know that there have been talks and rumors of this for a long time, but could it be coming to a head? Do you think we'll see Middle Earth in Florida?

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I was on a travel agent panel that was invited for a hard hat tour of Islands. Among other things they came up with Universal Escape which most thought was crazy. But we met some high up people and they have been eyeing land in the area back then so who knows what may have happened. UO has done some pretty amazing stuff with what they have as far as space. A theme park..I don't know. A land or an extension like Cars land or New Fantasyland very possible.



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I think this would be a fantastic expansion, especially for the company itself
however I've heard endless tales of how difficult it can be to deal with the Tolkien estate so I have a feeling this could be in talks for a VERY long time! if it does ever become a reality you can guarantee it would be impeccable the same as WWOHP Smile

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That would be such a brilliant idea and addition to the park. It would definatly give Disney something more to compete with too (and hopefully they'll be discouraged with their 'Avatar Land' expansion and work on something else - like the original Beastly Kingdom concept!)

I imagine Universal could really to Middle Earth justice, after what they achieved with WWOHP!


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