New Annual Pass Holder going ADR crazy

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New Annual Pass Holder going ADR crazy

I'm going a little crazy, but having fun doing it.

When we get to Orlando in October, prior to our November stay at Fort Wilderness, we will get annual passes to use through April 2015. We'll be about 10 miles from WDW for most of that time and plan to visit often (every day if I have my way).

If you could do this, or if you are doing something similar to this, would you be making ADR's for the popular restaurants? If yes, how would you go about planning it?

I've started the process of making ADR's at places we haven't been to and some that we know we want to try again. I've tried to plan for 1 - 2 dinners and at least one lunch each week at restaurants that take reservations. I know I can cancel an ADR a few days ahead of time if it doesn't fit our schedules. The only thing I've looked at while picking our dates and times is keeping it within Monday through Friday. I haven't checked park hours, crowd levels, event times, etc. I've created a restaurant checklist by location and I'm filling up my wishlist.

Are there any other things or events I should be planning ahead for besides ADR's?
I appreciate your help and comments.


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I'm sure if I had the opportunity I would be heading to Disney for dinner every night! LoL!

Yes - it's probably a good idea to make some ADRs at restaurants that you would like to eat at. As you said you can always change them or cancel when it gets closer to the date.

You'll be there during Food & Wine Festival which is fun, if I were you I would check out the Eat to the Beat concert schedule at Epcot and see if there are any bands playing that you want to see. mickey