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New here

i just wanted to say hi. this is my first post...since i just found the site...

i am going to wdw in july for my 25th visit, so pretty familiar with a lot of things. however, this trip is for my 60th birthday (july 4th week ) and i know it is going to be really really hot and crowded but i dont care. couldnt talk anyone to go with who cares... i am still going clapping

anyway, here is my question... i have been going nutx waiting trying to find something new to do this trip. after 25 visits i have pretty much done it all...and i found something.. awesome

i made an appt to get a haircut at the Harmony Barber shop. i was just curious...since pix i see are mostly kids and men,.
has women gotten a haircut there...or has anyone seen women gett haircuts there?

i just wanted something new to do. thanks


Susanm ooo

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Hi susanm and welcome to WDWFG. I cant help you with the barbershop cause the closest I have come is looking in the window. How about some of the behind the scenes tours, have you done any of those?


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welcome Susan! I can't help you either with the barber shop, but let us know how it goes when you get back. Might be something to consider.


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Hello Susan! Welcome to our forums, lovely for you to join us!

I'm afraid I don't have any experience with the barber shop, but I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. If you don't feel like taking your chances with a hair cut, you could just have them add some color or glitter to your style. Smile

Where will you be staying for your fabulous birthday trip?? Mine is on July 3rd and I've always dreamed of spending it at the Polynesian.

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Should we try to find some things you haven't done? Or is your trip already full?

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welcome to the best Disney board around Smile


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Welcome! We were there July 4th 2010. Hot and crowded, yes, but a good time nevertheless.

You've probably done para-sailing and streaking through the Grand Floridian lobby, so I'd go with behind the scenes tours.