Nine Dragons restaurant review ---- sigh.....

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Nine Dragons restaurant review ---- sigh.....

Hi everyone,
We just got back from a weekend at Disney again and went to a couple restaurants where we made ADRs. I know I have never read anything really great about the China pavillian restaurant, but my husband and I love Chinese food and sometimes disagree with the reviews. So, we gave it a shot. I apologize to anyone I did not believe (who wrote a negative review). Here is our experience:

We got there 20 minutes early, but they were not busy at all and let us go right in. So far so good! We looked at the menu and it was a little pricey but we knew that going in. Everything sounded delicious. We ordered an appetizer and drinks and told her we would need a couple minutes before choosing our main course.
25 minutes later, she re-appeared (not sure where she went). We ordered and then about 3 minutes after that our appetizer got there. It was good!
My husband got the special which was a General Tso's dish. I got the honey sesame chicken. The portions were unbelievably small and the flavor, as many people said on here before, was not quite as good as the local take out. Sad But after $65 for the 2 of us, we left and I hate to say it, but, I was still hungry. confused

If the service had been better maybe it would have made a difference? I don't know. We talked about it and neither of us HATE the restaurant at all. We don't think we will go back just because the value wasn't there for what you get and there are so many better restaurants to go to!
So, for what it's worth, there is my review. Probably not a huge surprise to most! (Oh the $65 was after tip and during lunch pricing eek lol

On a GREAT note, we went to Whispering Canyon the next morning for the first time and had a blast!!!!

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That's how 9 Dragons gets know it's not going to be good, but you love Chinese food and it would be so great if they had a good one in Epcot. Maybe it's changed!?!?!?

We're actually due to make our sacrificial trip soon ourselves. I'm glad you did a scouting trip to make sure I didn't get my hopes up again.

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Unfortunately that is my recollection of my last visit as well. sad underated and overpriced.


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Ugh, yourselves and just don't do it! silly
I so wanted it to be good!!! Oh well. That's what PF Chang's is for on the drive back to Gainesville. laugh

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If I remember right though... the Lotus Blossom Cafe was pretty good. Its been almost 7 years since ive been there though, but if I remember right... the Orange Chicken was pretty good. I know its no sit down like 9 Dragons, and ive never been... but I thought it wasnt bad.


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Bah, so sorry Holly! But every time I even think about going there, I just remember all the stories and mediocre reviews and pass.

I agree with you too, Mase.the Lotus Blossom was surprisingly good last time we were there. I really enjoyed it.

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I totally agree! I want it to be good, and it looks so nice inside...but then the food has no flavor. sad

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I'm sorry to hear you didn't really enjoy your dinner, Hollyann116. Your post is pretty timely as my husband and I almost made an ADR here for our upcoming September trip.


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Another place to get good chinese is Sunshine Season's in Epcot....and it's cheap Smile


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Jess wrote:
Another place to get good chinese is Sunshine Season's in Epcot....and it's cheap Smile

I have to agree with this, I usually end up getting the cashew chicken at Sunshine Seasons. It's pretty good and i never leave hungry.

Lunch at SUnshine Seasons

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Ive never been tempted to try the chineese food, I just figured with my diet what it is it wouldnt work out anyway. Dunno I can go to PF Changs anytime I'd rather go eat at the coral reef Smile



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After seeing a bad WDW restaurant review, I always like to be able to say something like "try them on another night" or "they are usually much better". However, you got a pretty normal Nine Dragons experience. It's a shame, especially since their quick service restaurant is normally awesome. I would love to see that kitchen gutted and replaced with a better representation of Chinese flavors. Maybe Paul Flemming will read this.


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