Not Quite Central Florida...

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Not Quite Central Florida...

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I am on vacation, and yes, I have my laptop with me! DH, my mom, and the kiddoes are spending a few days in Captiva, Florida. It's beautiful here, and very laid back. Our 3rd trip here, and we still love it.

I know you might throw tomatoes at me...but what other places do you like to vacation, besides Disney? Why?


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I love camping. Tent. Grill. Just LOVE it! Anywhere is awesome to me. Really truly doesnt matter. Shoot... I even take my laptop with me! I love camping... but nothing beats surfing the net in the middle of no where!

But other than that.... Disney is really our vacation every year.


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I haven't vacationed anywhere else since 2008, haha, so I'm not sure!

My family used to spend a week every summer down in the Outer Banks, so I do have a soft spot for that area. My husband and I are doing our first cruise this fall, so we'll see how we like it! And next year we're hoping to hop across the pond and visit Dublin and London, which I think I can already predict we'll love. But Orlando is where my heart stays.

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The wife and I head up to Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York in early Sept.(this year Sept. 8-9-10-11)for a mini vacation in conjunction with a Corvette show that is held there by the Adirondack Corvette Club. It is a very relaxing and fun time meeting with other Corvette owners from all over the Northeast and ends with the show on Sunday.
It is also held around the time of our anniversary so we also celebrate that at the same time.


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Las Vegas, New Orleans and Italy are my other favorite vacation destinations.


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I love Captiva...we stayed at South Seas there a few years ago and loved it! Other than that the Keys, Breckenridge, Colorado for skiing and Nantucket are my faves!

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Hey Lizzy B - hope you have a great time!

We tend to hit Vegas every few years in between Disney trip, and like trips to the mountains as well.