One More Day mini trip report

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One More Day mini trip report

So we did it...left last night and stayed at MK til a little after 4am! It was WAY more crowded than we both expected. The wait times were crazy, so we didn't ride 2 of my 3 must-do-in the wee-hours list sad HM was at least an hr, the line was all the way over in front of the paddleboat. We kept checking Space Mtn but when we left the line said 45, but was well out the door. I hate the line, and could not think of being so tired and waiting in that dark noisy tunnel. We did do POTC and the line was only 20 min. It was just fun walking around and looking at all the people. The song "The Freaks Come out at Night" kept playing in my head! Lots of people in their (unflattering) pjs. and way more kids than I thought appropriate. The thought of having my toddler/preschooler out at 3am under any circumstances makes me cringe. I know they're on vacation and hopefully had a late nap, but 3am? really? Not much fun for anyone imho. The staff seemed a little bare bones, and the wait for the boat AND monorail to leave was outrageous at 4am. Disney is usually in sync with the size of the crowds, but seemed off last night. The park didn't seem as clean, but maybe I am being picky, they had been open for 22 hrs, and with mammoth crowds during their peak cleaning time. The number of people who had been there since 6am and were going to make it the entire 24 hrs was amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney, but I think 24hrs of magic is extreme. Maybe in my younger years?
All in all it was awesome, we had a great time and am so glad we sucked it up and did it...and were home in time to get the kids to school before finally going to bed!



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Sounds like fun!! I saw some pictures on the WDW Facebook page they had posted.. the crowds did look crazy... dont think that would be my cup of tea! But it would definately be worth the experience and to say you did it!! =)


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