One More Disney Day

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One More Disney Day

My friend is in Disney right now with her family and just posted this on her Facebook Page and I thought I'd share it here! I so wish I was in Disney right now don't you??

The hoofed it to the parks all day but I believe I would have taken today easy and spent it sleeping or by the pool (it's so least here in SC) and then hit MK tonight! They apparently have plans to go back to the hotel and take a long nap and wake up and go back to MK around midnight! They have no little kids with them of course!

So who else wishes they were there? Do you think the crowds will be crazy tonight? I feel like for some reason they wouldn't be that bad but maybe I'm stupid.


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I just checked the wait times on my app. They don't seem too bad. I wish I was there.

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We're headed to MK soon, should get there after 10:00 and see how long we can make it. Haven't pulled an all nighter in years.



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Well my co-worker was there and he said the crowds were crazy in the evening, they had baby with them and had to leave.

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I was there last night from about 9p.m. to 2:30a.m. and didn't really experience any large crowds. There was no line to get on the monorail or inside the park like many people have said either. When we first got inside MK, cast members were re-directing new visitors to a side route (right after Tony's, that took us out right before Tomorrowland) so we could avoid the massive crowd waiting for the parade, but other than that, we really didn't get stuck it anything too large. I think the longest line we saw was 45 minutes for Space Mountain, and most of the rides were around 20 to 30 minutes.

Overall I was really glad I pulled an all-nighter (work from 9 to 5, headed to the park, then another day of work from 9 to 5!) for Leap Day!

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I can see myself doing this.,0,3504321.story?obref=obinsite