Original Proposal Idea for late 20s couple

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Original Proposal Idea for late 20s couple

So my girlfriend and I have been together about 4 years now. For multiple reasons we have planned to not get engaged until any time after May 2016. Now that that time is approaching I am starting to explore various options for a proposal. We will eventually get married at WDW, but I'm not 100% sure I want to propose there.
We have traveled once to WDW and once to Disneyland together. We know for SURE we will be married at WDW, but I'm having reservations (and I've picked up subtle hints from her for the same) about doing EVERYTHING for our relationship around Disney. She's a princess, but I might be the real Disney freak in the relationship.
If the end goal is to get married at WDW, I'm contemplating some creative ideas about proposals that aren't at Walt Disney World.

Let me know your thoughts guys, it could be Disney related or not, but I'm really in an exploratory phase right now. Don't have a ring, don't have a plan, but I'm starting to figure everything out right now.



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I LOVE the topic of Love!

A couple years ago I wrote an article for the blog that was 25 Fun and Fantastic Ways to Propose at Walt Disney World, check it out at the link below. Let me know if you like any of the ideas muchlove