Photo Management

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Photo Management

Do you guys use any kind of Photo Management software? I've been trying out Picasa 3 from Google and it seems kind of cool. At least for a neophyte like me. Is there something else I should be using?

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Mousetraveler was talking about picasa in the Food Photos thread. I thought I might bump this to see if anyone had any thoughts on Photo management software. I've been pretty impressed with Picasa as well.

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There are probably a lot of great ones, but when I look at what Picasa has done for me in just a couple of days (getting a handle on 5,000 digital photos), AND the fact that it is FREE, I'm sold on it!


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Trying to figure out photo software is like trying to read Greek to me, but I do know that Joy uses Picasa and is quite happy with it.


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I've been using photobucket, but now I guess I'll have to give Picasa a try! Question do I transfer things over there...




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