Pixar Car Show (This One's For the Car Guys)

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Pixar Car Show (This One's For the Car Guys)

WOW!!! Thanks a million admin that was sweeeet. a fantastic mix of domestic and import, of old and new, and even future. The only problem was that it took 20 minutes, and a whole package of napkins to wipe the drool of of my keyboard and desk. biggrin That concept Corvette is amazing, I would even consider trading in my "Baby" (on an even swap of course) laugh for that concept Corvette.
Thanks again!! You will please note that I said "consider" trading.


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Have you guys seen this (Tony and Vette?)


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You can have the Corvette... If I can have the Aston. awesome

Now, how do I convince my boss to stage an event like that?


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You guys are both protectionists! laugh