Port Stop: What to do in Nassau?

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Port Stop: What to do in Nassau?

I know that this post gives people on other message boards fits. It seems that either you love it or you hate it. Which side of the fence do you fall on?

My traveling companion and I took the City Tour with a stop at Ardastra Gardens, which is the national zoo. Though it was good to get off of the ship and see what Nassau is like, I was throughly unimpressed. Next time we hit that port I think that we'll either shell out the money for Atlantis, or stay on the ship.

Have you been to Nassau? What did you do when you were there?

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Been there twice. The first time my sister and I purchased rum at the rum shop near the Hard Rock Cafethen returned to the ship to ride the aqua duck.
The second time DW and I (really the DW) shopped at the stores. She hit up the jewelry and shopping seminars with Whitney onboard the Dream and then shopped til I dropped in Nassau. Great deal on earrings at the diamond international store and several other stores including Cariloha. Best sheets ever!
We didn't do any sight seeing. We've done other Caribbean islands and wanted to enjoy the Dream and all it's amenities awesome


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Only one time there and remember doing a city tour. Loved the castle/fortress and governors house and the queens steps. Did the straw market and had fun bartering a bit with some of the ladies there.

Some friends actually hired their own taxi for a day after happening on a great driver. He took them all over. They saw some of the real city, ate well, and then even climbed a pile of conch shells to get them the perfect souvenir.


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We're going on Sept 2 and I just booked a glass bottom boat ride for the hubby and I and I'm super excited! It's a surprise for the husband. I hope it's fun!