Random WDW conversation at work

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Random WDW conversation at work

So, I'm sitting here at work on this site getting my daily dose of Disney, and a woman comes in with her kids looking for something for their plane trip. So I asked where they're flying to, and she said WDW! So naturally I got all excited to talk Disney with her, and it made a few minutes of my day go a lot faster! I wish I had met her months ago though, because she was telling me about all the things she didn't know about. Like making ADR's 180 days in advance, the character meals, and so much more, I could have set her up with my sister, who owns a WDW trip planning company haha. Her kids seemed so excited to go to WDW for the first time, and I wish them a happy trip! I'm sure it'll be magical!


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1987(sort of)-Fariway Villas (I was not born yet, but could hear all the sounds of WDW)
1991-Fairway Villas (My first official trip to WDW)
2000-Fort Wilderness Campsites (last family trip before siblings got married and had kids)
2004-Caribbean Beach
2008-Pop Century
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2015- Caribbean Beach (daughter's first trip)
2017- Cabins at Fort Wilderness

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That's what I love most about this group...just a simple WDW conversation with a perfect stranger can brighten all of our day right up!


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mickey WDW is an amazing vacation even with out all of our Extra steps.


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How awesome!