Resort Holiday Decorations

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Resort Holiday Decorations

On my trip in November I will be heading to several resort to (hopefully) get pictures of their Holiday Decorations. I know the holiday stuff rolls out kind of slowly across property, and I'm not entirely sure what will or won't be up November 17-21 since it is before Thanksgiving. I found an old article on the DFB that said the Gingerbread House at Grand Floridian was open for business November 15th in 2018. My fingers are crossed that means I will get to see it during my trip because I have never actually seen it in person.

Does anyone know when the resort decor goes up? Which Resort do you love most for Christmastime decorations? What are the *must see* spots for fun holiday decor?

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I have gone several years the week before Thanksgiving. Pop Century was either decorated when I arrived or decorated during the week.


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Not sure when they go up but... AKL is my favorite. It's quite understated and the colors remind me of my favorite season, fall. So it's a win win for me. Plus the music is spectacular! I keep it on loop during the season. And maybe before and after



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I really like the Epcot resorts with their gingerbread displays.