Rising Ticket Prices All Over

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Rising Ticket Prices All Over

Universal raised there ticket prices last month, and now Disney has followed. The rapid rate of theme park inflation is getting frustrating. It's not unusual for Disney to have an annual increase, but how much do you think that keeping up with the competition plays into the price hikes? Do you think that the perception of a Parks "value" by the price on it's ticket is driving up the costs or is it just that there's a lot of construction going on all over and they need to pay those bills?

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An old saying that applys to Disney as with all other corps. "Whatever the traffic will bear!".


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It's supply and demand. mickey



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I find it a bit outrageous. These aren't minor price increases. I definitely think it has to do with what competitors are doing more so than an actual need to raise them. As much as we love Disney, they are a for profit company and "thems the breaks".

I just wish they'd give us a heads up so we can make a decision to book before the increase.


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It definitely is keeping up with the competition. Unfortunately everything is going up. This also means it will be another few years between my trips. Boo! gaah

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It's a corporation and they have to make a profit for their stockholders (like me). So as much as I dislike the price hikes, I also understand them.


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Ultimately, Disney is a for profit enterprise and they will do whatever to make the money. Whether it be tickets or a $4 bottle of Desani water, as my friend likes to say "Mouse gotta get his". Part of me wonders how much more the prices can go up. Generally, there comes a point where the market refuses to pay the premium anymore, and business starts to dwindle. I wonder if Disney will every experience that, or if we'll just keep shelling out the cheese....


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I agree that it sucks when prices go up. But we can't really complain about it if we are still willing to pay for it.


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Disney is in harvest mode. They report record profits yet still feel the need to raise prices. Typical corporate greed. Remember iger makes about $50mm a year and if you add up what all the senior management get in one year, you could build another park. Whatever, price increases are a fact of life.

I bought a voucher for a premium annual pass last year for $399 and I haven't even activated the pass yet, so I'm insulated from the price increase at least until August 2014. I just hope that annual passes remain reasonable. I hope Disney keeps giving discounts to DVC members, or better yet, just give us annual passes as a perk (he said with little hope.)


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I had already looked at a price comparison chart over the years to get an idea of how much of an increase there has been each year for MYW 4 day tickets since I knew the odds were we weren't going to get our tickets before any price increase this year. The increase was in a range that was still doable within our budget and so long as this recent increase still falls within past range increases, we are still good to go for next March. I do think that yearly increases seem to be in the "just cuz" category and not for any real financial need which sucks but such is the nature of capitalism and supply and demand. Until the Disney company starts losing enough park customer attendance that it affects their bottom line, I doubt that yearly increases will stop-and the same goes for Universal Studios.

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As long as the parks still close due to being at capacity, and you have to make ADRs 180 days in advance to spend $200 for dinner for 2, the prices are not too high. Not to mention the super long lines and absolutely packed walkways, especially in the summer. The demand is there and people will pay it so far.

Not saying I like it, and I get that they have to make a profit, but thousands and thousands of people are there daily, spending lots of money, so it still works for them.



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Disney is in the business of "making your dreams come true" and " living in a Fantasy World" for a week or two or what ever you can afford. That's what they do. It's a luxury, and people are going to pay for it.