Saratoga Springs Grand Villa

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Saratoga Springs Grand Villa

Due to, well, issues, the ex and I had to cancel a planned WDW trip scheduled for October 2017. We had DVC points that were going to expire, so had to book something in the following few months. We ended up inviting my sister and her family in January 2018 for a mostly-Universal trip, but to use all of the DVC points set to expire, we ended up booking a Saratoga Springs Grand Villa. Here are a few photos.

The master bedroom and bath, a spacious living room, a dining room, and a full kitchen are on the main floor. On the second floor, two large bedrooms with in-room bathrooms are on either side of the living room's cathedral ceiling. In addition to the three full bathrooms attached to bedrooms, there is also a fourth full bathroom on the first floor to accommodate people sleeping in the living room as well as a washer and dryer upstairs. The villa can sleep a boatload of people - I think like 12, probably more if you have a baby or toddler in a crib, and there might be a sleeper chair in addition to the sleeper sofa. The villa was great for bringing extended family. Very glad I had the chance to stay in one.

Pictured below: the living room, the dining room and kitchen, the living room from the upstairs landing, the master bedroom, the master bathroom, and one of the two identical upstairs bedrooms.

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very nice

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Wow, looks amazing, a vacation to remember mickey ! And with Disney Springs right next door, no need to cook awesome