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Sat Nav

Only a few more days until our trip Smile

Included with our hire car is a sat nav. Thankfully, as I am of the Satnav generation I hope it'll be easier than maps.

In the UK we use the postal code to search where we are going.

Is it the same in the US? Do we enter the zip code and it'll take us there?

I did read something about geocodes, but this isn't available for Disney locations.

Any help?

Thank you


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The zip code will get you to the area but not an exact spot.

Example: 32830
That will give you Lake Buena Vista

If you have a address and town that "should" get you to where you are wanting to go.
So if you are wanting to go to Downtown Disney use this:

1780 E. Buena Vista Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


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Nav system in our car has locations, attractions , accommodations and such so you should be able to choose that way too. From PA I just put in the Walt Disney World Polynesian resort or Walt Disney World and lt maps it right out.

But once your at the park and driving around WDW, just follow the signs. It's the simplest way and easiest. You can't go wrong if you just follow the signs. The Nav system will get you so lost in Disney World it's not funny! It's told me to make turn where there are no roads and to take routes that take you way out of your way. JUST FOLLOW THE SIGNS!

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I would just type in WDW like said above and just follow it there. Then once there follow the signs, or you could put in your specific resort.


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