Star Tours Updates

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Star Tours Updates

Star Tours 2.0 promises the possibility of 54 different experiences when the updated attraction reopens at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida on May 20 and Disneyland in California on June 3.

Star Tours 2.0, set between the "Star Wars" prequels and the original trilogy, will update the 1980s simulator ride with high-definition 3-D technology and special effects. Riders aboard the new Star Tours will experience a randomized storyline throughout the ride, resulting in a different beginning, middle and end for every journey.,0,4708248.story

Sounds neat!

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May 20th. That's practically here!

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Wait.... 54 different experiences? Interested on how this is going to happen. From what I got... there might be different places to visit each time you go on it, at least thats the impression I got.


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That's awesome, JeffC awesome I'm really looking forward to riding this. Was never a HUGE fan of Star Tours before since it was always the same old simulator experience, but this sounds like it's going to be very cool. KNowing Disney, there will be some sort of interaction as well.




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That's awesome! I am excited to see the new updates.


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Can't wait to ride. I was never a bit Star Tours fan, but if they make it more than just a simulator, I'll definitely try it again.


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Here's another article I found that lists all the places that you visit while on the ride