Still 30 days to wait, but I'm freaking out!

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Still 30 days to wait, but I'm freaking out!

I have barely any idea what to do about ADRs!!!!

We are going without kids and it's an anniversary trip, so I want to eat places where we wouldn't normally go. I'm thinking about dinner at California Grill on our anniversary night, followed by a private dessert at the Grand Floridian, or even private dining at GF, but really, that's it. I'd LOVE to do V&As, but I think my husband would kill me for spending that much on a dinner. Smile

I'm thinking BOG again? I've gotten recs for Citrico's, Narcossee's, Boma, but I just don't know! And then I start thinking maybe we should do the Deluxe Dining Plan and pile up the credits for signature dining every night, but tips...jeez. I had such an easy time planning for the entire family (all 11 off us!) when we went in January, so why is this so hard?

Where would you guys go? DDP or not?

(keep in mind, the first night will be the W&D half, so we will probably grab quick service for a late lunch when we arrive, followed by the post-race party...if we can stay up that late, ha!)


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Taratru, not really knowing your likes, I would go with your husband's preferred dishes or look at the Disney food blogs for ideas, i.e.:

But any of your above mentioned restaurants will be a hit! btw, congratulations and don't worry, have fun with your selection.


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If you decide against DDP, I would suggest that you consider one of the Swan/Dolphin restaurants as well. Atmosphere will be more adult/quieter, as they are not on DDP. We have dined at Il Mulino or Bluezoo for our anniversary, each of the last 3 years(planning to do the same in 2013). Have never been to V&A's or Shula's, but my Top 5 in order of preference:

Il Mulino
Flying Fish(noisier than the others)

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Have you been to one of the dinner shows - Hoop Dee Doo Revue or luau? That would fun to do one of the nights you are there.