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I currently have an ADR for Wolfgang Puck Cafe for my trip, but was looking at DTD restaurant menus, and T-Rex's looks really good. It does look like a loud and crazy restaurant, which I don't mind, but I was wondering if 1) there was a bar area where I could order from the full menu, and maybe escape a little of the craziness, 2) if all the appetizers are included as appetizers on the deluxe dining plan, and 3) if it's worth cancelling Wolfgang Puck for? It'd be a lunch ADR if that makes any difference.

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Yes, there is a bar area. There is a huge prehistoric octopus hanging above it. We eat here on every trip to Disney. It is "A Must" for our family. It is loud but sooo cool! They have a burger called, "BRONTO BURGER" that is out of this world yummy! The "Ice Chamber" area is a bit quieter than the rest. It's no more noisy than the "Rainforest Cafe". If you can handle that, this is no problem. My kids love the dig site right outside the giftshop. They give the kids brushes to uncover the dinosaur bones. Big hit with us and the food is actually quite good.

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Yeah.... T-Rex is very cool. The Bar area is especially cool with the octopus above it. But Wolfgang Puck Cafe is very good. Id say youd be fine with either choice.


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This is the bar area....We've never sat there but I would bet it would be a little quiter over there. As far as the dining plan question goes I don't know cause we haven't ate there since they switched to the dining plan. We have enjoyed the food though everytime we have ate there but like Wolfgang Puck also. They are both good choices so it will just depend on what kind of atmosphere you want I think