Tom Sawyer island Paintbrushes

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Tom Sawyer island Paintbrushes

I don't know how many of you already know this but I thought I would share for those who don't and because it's just an all around great story about Disney. My father in law had read about the fact that every morning they hide 5 paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer island and guests can go over there and hunt for them. Well when we went in 2009 he wanted to take mine and Mase's son to go hunt for one. Well they got over there and along with everyone else went hunting for one. Well they ended up finding one.....and the reward for finding one was fastpass tickets for a couple of the rides at MK. Well we weren't going to be there that day so we didn't really need the fastpass tickets and my father in law and son wanted to keep the brush instead. So they asked if they could and the cast member said they weren't allowed to let the guests keep them. So they said that was ok but to give the fast passes to someone else who would use them. Well when they went to get off the raft the cast member whispered to my son that he could keep the brush. He and my father in law were so excited because they had plans to take pictures and store the paintbrush in a shadowbox. Well when my inlaws went back to Disney the following May my father in law went to go see if he could find the cast member and thank him again and give him a picture of my son with the paintbrush. Well he happened to be working that day so my father in law showed him the pic and he remembered and my father in law asked him if he could take a picture of him for the shadow box. He said that was fine and then gave my father in law his name tag to include in the shadow box as well. Thats just another example of why disney is so awesome Smile


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First, that is an AWESOME story and a fantastic memory! Thanks so much for sharing the story and picture! What a great shadowbox.

Second, what a great CM! I *heart* Disney!

Third, I had no idea about the hidden paint brushes!! That would be fun to try and find!

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Great story and a very nice display piece, I know about the hidden paintbrushes but we have been to Tom Sawyers Island only once and by the time we got there in the afternoon the brushes were long gone, but even if we found it we would have left it there for some kids to find. Very nice of you to give the fastpasses away.


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Ill go a bit deeper into the story. First thing... Disney rocks. Not just for that... but for the fact we forgot to give our son his pass to get in!!! We got a call from my Dad saying they forgot to get his pass. Well... luckily we had payed with a credit card and they were able to find it and reprint it! Seriously... if you went to Universal... could that happen? So anyways... back to the actual story...

They got there early. Well... they got there when the park opened, but the Island doesnt open for another hour after that. So they killed time by riding rides and such. So they get on that first boat, and there both excited, and when they about get to the Island... the driver tells the story of the paint brushes and such. So my Dad and Evan's heart sank because they thought now that EVERYONE knows there is no chance.

No... I havent been to the Island so this is just what ive been told. I guess when you get on the Island you can go to the right, left and straight? Or something like that... well everyone went either straight or to the right... so my Dad and Evan went to the left in hopes that they could find one since no one else went that way. They went down some steps, and my Dad saw the brush laying where my son is in that photo, but wanted Evan to find it. Also... he heard people coming, so my Dad told him to look that direction, and Evan just went nuts! He was soooooooooo excited to get it! If it was 5 seconds later... they wouldnt have had it. It was real close!

So they go hunting for others in hopes to help another family out. This was my sons idea. I just love how he thinks of others at that age. Its so hard in this day of age for children to think of others. Anyways... they get back on the boat with the driver alone, and my Dad was debating whether or not to tell him that they had found the brush, because he wasnt sure if he and my son could keep it. So my Dad decided to tell him, and the driver apologized and said that they couldnt because Disney keeps track of them. My Dad then says he understands but he doesnt want to sell it or anything like that, that it was for his grandson and would like to keep it for a Disney memory. The driver then looks at my son, and says he can keep it. The driver bit the bullet, and could have gotten in trouble for the brush, and he let my son take that brush home.

Its reasons like this that we keep going to Disney every year. Its the people who work there that make Disney special, and this was a special moment for my son, and Ed made that possible.


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That is such an awesome story! I have heard about the paintbrushes, they do that at Disneyland too if I am not mistaken. It would be so much fun to go look for one someday.


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That's a great story! Great pictures too!

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Cute!!! We found it once..we rode the boat over first thing & we looked all over for it. We finally found it and we were so excited! We turned it in though..we like Fastpasses..what an awesome memory for your son!


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That's such a great story, and I love the shadowbox! CMs ARE what make the difference, truly. And it's really, really interesting, what you said about going straight or to the right. Have you ever noticed that the walkway into Tomorrowland is very broad, but the walkway into Adventurland is comparatively narrow? We learned in Traditions (CM orientation) that the park was built that way on purpose, because most people tend to go to the right first.

Thanks again. What a memory that your son will truly treasure forever.


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That is too cool! I love that he went back for a picture of the CM. The shadowbox was such a neat idea, and it looks great! Smile



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GREAT story , thanks !

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That is a pretty cool story. It's memories like that that puts (and keeps) the magic in Disney. Thanks for sharing.