Tours, thoughts and favorites.

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Tours, thoughts and favorites.

My wife and I want to do the "behind the seeds" at Epcot. She is wanting to do one of the AK tours just doesnt know which and my daughter wants to do a MK tour. We have read a lot about every one but I wanted to ask some that have actually done a few of these. Which are your favorites? Should I go ahead and make the reservations or can we wait til we get there in Oct?


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I think if you know the tour(Drunk you want to take, book them sooner rather than later. In order to keep the tours as fun as possible, Disney limits the number of people in attendance. Its really nice! We did the behind the scenes Steam Trains tour in MK. It was my gift to my hubby for our honeymoon. We loved it! I'd love to do the one at the Animal Kingdom on a future trip. It looks like a blast!


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We did the "Key to the Kingdom Tour", it was great! Here is a something from our trip report. June 2011

Just beware, the tour are a lot of walking and standing! It will can be an exhausting day.

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I also recommend the Keys to the Kingdom tour. My mom and I did it for our girls only trip and it was definitely the highlight. It was amazing! I'd say do it as early as possible so you get the added bonus of taking pictures on an abandoned main street!


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Keys to the Kingdom sounds so good!! I'm trying to scrape together a little extra money for our trip so we can do that.

The only tour I've been on was back during Magic Music Days. We got to see the backstage parade preparations before we performed.


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Are there any Evening tours? I am sending the boys out to eat fish one night without me and I was thinking of a tour while they were eating.

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Last time at AKL we did the Wanyama Safari. Is for AKL guests only. Three hours in a safari truck exploring around the Savannahs and animal care areas ending with dinner at Jiko - Chef's Table.

Was awesome. The animals were so close and then dinner. . . We thoroughly enjoyed it! awesome


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