Trail Ride at Ft. Wildnerness?

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Trail Ride at Ft. Wildnerness?

So my bf decided that he wants to take a trail ride at FW. Has anyone done this? Is it worth it?

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I have never participated but from what I have heard, do not expect to go any faster than a slow walk.


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I used to do it on every trip when I was young. Vettelover is correct, it is only a slow walk. In fact I can remember trying to get the horse to go faster and it simply would not do it. Disney horses are on xanex or something. LOL! The area that it went through years ago was nice and I always saw lots of wildlife and the guides were always wonderful. I'm not sure what the path they take now is.

Is it worth it? Well, that depends, what is he expecting to get out of it? If he's looking for a lovely relaxed, meandering morning ride through Florida brush on a horse then yes. If he's looking for a brisk ride with exciting terrain, not so much.