Transportation from WDW to DCL

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Transportation from WDW to DCL

I know that DCL transport is $70 per person... Sad Almost makes flying not worth it by the time you pay that AND baggage fees!

Who has arranged their own transport from WDW to Port Canaveral? Was it cheaper than $70 per person? I know it's about an hour and a half away....I will also need transport from Port Canaveral to MCO. Is Disney transport cheaper?


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I hired a car from Tiffany Town Car to take us (2 people) from WDW to Port Canaveral and then from Port Canaveral to MCO and it cost me $244 + 20% Tip. The service was great, car was in good repair and I loved the driver, he was very interesting. We got to get to port when we wanted to, so we were able to board earlier than if we had taken the bus. For us, being able to get to the port when we wanted to was a big thing.