Traveling Companions

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Traveling Companions

On of my girlfriends decided to join her husband on is business trip next week. He had the choice to stay at one of the DTD Hotels, so he'll be off doing convention stuff and she gets two days in Disney! Woot! So jealous of her.

If you had a business trip near Disney and your companion decided to tag along to get some park time in, what would you think? I'd totally tell Geordon that he was welcome to come, but the entire time I was in my meetings I would be wishing I was in the Park with my hubby.

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I'd be super jealous, but would try to hit the parks at night. Some EMH maybe and then keep myself awake the next day with plenty of caffeine!!

I'm actually heading to Orlando for a conference next week. I was trying to figure out how to get some park time in, but traveling with 5 other people, it's not working out (and I'm their manager, so I have to set a good example - or I'd be skipping out on the conference one day to hit the MK!). I am trying to convince them we need to go to DTD one night for dinner, but am getting voted down by Universal Studios fans....Oh well, at least it won't be snowing down there!!

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