Tune In Lounge

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Tune In Lounge

NHShorty and I are great fans of this little lounge in HS. Not only do we like the beverages and libations, but we are big fans of the mid-century modern decor. Recently I stumbled (no libations involved) on an article on the ApartmentTherapy.com website that featured the Tune In Lounge (without actually mentioning it).


Here's a couple of our my pictures from our last visit that features the coffee table pictured in the article and the general mid-centuryness of the place.

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I've probably walked by this place a ton of times and never realized it was there. Thanks for brining it to my attention. I'll have to give it a try next time!


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It's a favourite of my wife's and mine as well. Especially in the hotter months in the summer. We'll stroll in on our way out or if we are waiting for a Fast Pass window to come around and have a few "beverages" while we wait.

There always seems to be a spot or two at the bar, but we don't mind relaxing in the chairs or couch area as well. A nice little tucked away spot if you are looking for one.


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You keep telling people about the cool secret spots there won't be two stools at the bar! LOL



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Yo, Vinnie and Eddie. There's always room for a couple more at the Tune In Lounge. NHShorty and I will be there in a few days. The Weather Channel says it will be very warm in Orlando next week. but we always know where to get a couple of cold ones.

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We found the Tune-in lounge by accident on our way to the Osborne lights. We got seats at the bar, had a couple of drinks and then headed down to the lights. It was my favourite evening of the vacation.


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I am a huge fan of the tune in lounge.say hi to both David's and Christian when you go awesome


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Nothing like ducking into the 1960's for a cold one on a hot day.


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I love 50's Prime and the Tune-in Lounge and all things mid-century modern. And I'm jealous that they got some good pics of the decor without people in it. Not an easy task! Thanks for sharing, BuffaloBill!


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