Updates: New Disney park in Shanghai

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Updates: New Disney park in Shanghai

How long has this been at play? Anyone know?

Disney Park in Shanghai

Also, the article quoted this:
"Disney will likely pay $300 million to $600 million in capital expenses for the park in exchange for 5 percent of the ticket sales and 10 percent of the concessions, Miller said."

I thought Disney wholly owned all of its parks; are parks outside of the US owned and managed by other companies with "licensing fees" to Disney? confused




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I could be wrong but it was my impression that that was the case with all the Asian ones. Anyone know for sure?

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I really feel it kind of kills the magic when they just kind of put their money and stamp on it and let someone else run it. Outsourcing the Disney magic seems...wrong.

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I think perhaps I should go visit all the Asia Disney resorts and make a judgement call on whether or not Disney should continue outsourcing...no?


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