Visiting other Resorts During our Stay

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Visiting other Resorts During our Stay

One of the coolest things we did on our last trip was to take the time to visit other resorts. We had a 12 night stay at Pop Century and a 10 day park base ticket. I love having that much time so that I have at least 2 days at each park. That way we don't feel rushed to enjoy the park. We can get to the park at rope drop and ride the cool rides before the crowd gets there, then take a break and some days leave the park during the afternoon, and come back at night when the crowd starts to ease up.

Some days when we left the park we went back to Pop and took a nap, but on a few of the days we would visit a nearby resort for lunch. That was something we hadn't really done much of and it turned out to be really enjoyable.

On one of our Magic Kingdom days we had lunch at the Contemporary, and on another at the Polynesian. Then one night we left Magic Kingdom and took a boat over to Polynesian to watch the fireworks from the shore of Polynesian, that is a really cool place to watch the fireworks, they pipe the music over.

On one of our Animal Kingdom days we went over and visited Animal Kingdom Lodge. Had not visited there before and it was really cool to see. Not sure if I would want to stay there but it was cool to visit.

Also visited several other resorts. But Epcot is not the easiest place to leave as the park itself is so big, it takes a lot of walking to get in and out of the place. Most visits to Epcot we are lucky to make it all the way around World Showcase.

But that turned out to be a fun thing to do and I am planning to do it again the next time.

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That sounds like fun.

To be honest, we scrimp and save for quite some time for a trip-- we currently have $1400 saved for our August 2014 trip. We stay Deluxe, and spend most of our time either at our home resort or in the parks. (We have yet to see the Boardwalk, even though we were at the Beach Club last year.)

I would LOVE a 12 day stay, but it simply isn't in the cards.

I'm glad you enjoyed your exploring though!


August 2008 and August 2009: Polynesian. August 2012: Beach Club. We're returning to the Beach Club in July/August 2014.

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We love to resort hop! And, since we "Disneymooned" at Port Orleans Riverside, we try to get in our favorite boat ride over from DTD, walk around a little and then take the bus to where ever we want to go from there.

My favorite is to either book Ohana so that we are eating and can watch Wishes or book Ohana for about 20 minutes after Wishes so that we can watch from the beach. We have been seated at Ohana where we were not able to watch Wishes on a few occasions, so that is hit or miss.

We have never been to Animal Kingdom Lodge. We are staying 2 nights there in October (unless my Boardwalk waitlist come through). I am looking forward to it.

WDW is so much more than 4 parks. There is so much to see and do outside the parks that I love!

I would also like to have 12 days there, but I don't have enough points and DH doesn't have enough vacation time. We have to spend some time with my family in California too. (I live in Georgia now) We did a 10 night stay at SSR in Dec 2010, but skipped our Cali trip that year.



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WDWfanatic wrote:
WDW is so much more than 4 parks.

Truer words never spoken.

I absolutely love resort hopping, we used to do it when I was a little girl and there was only one or two parks to visit. It's just what you did at Disney when you were there for a week and had non-Park days. LoL! Things are so different now and so many people get uber focused on the parks.

I would LOVE to go for two weeks, but most of my trips are only 3-5 nights. I have to pick and chose what to do very carefully. We frequently don't hit DAK or DHS, but we always do some resort hopping!

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About the only time we "resort hop" is for ADRs at resort restaurants. But we've never gone to WDW for more than a week at a time, so touring parks has always been my priority. If we ever do a two-week stay, I would like to visit a few more resorts.

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we leave the MK for the resorts too. Last time we did the Grand Floridian cafe and this time we are planning on Kona cafe for our mid-day break. Its fun and relaxing!

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This is still an enjoyable practice of ours, to resort hop. We love taking in all the excitement and beauty of all these resorts. If you ask me, it's a work of art!

Back during our early visits to WDW (back in the late 70's), when we ran out of entry tickets, we visited the few resorts next to the MK. Later on with our young kids, we did the same, and they thought that we were still at the park. It was a win win situation for all. Ohhh, and the variety of dinning options available to resort hoppers are unlimited (well maybe not). Have you visited the Animal Kingdom Lodge and eaten at Boma? It's great!

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We love to resort hop. Most of our meals are at different resorts, which make sense FQ doesn't have a restaurant. We love to look around a little before and after dinner.

I would love to stay in one of the Deluxe resorts but we have to choose between our annual 10 days in FQ verses 3-4 days in a deluxe. We prefer the longer stay. So we just visit the deluxe resorts. Though if someone wanted to throw deluxe stay my way I willingly accept. muchlove

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I am really looking forward to resort hopping when we move to Florida. We'll be over an hours drive away, but I can.'t think of a better way to spend a weekend afternoon.

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It's a great way to get an idea of where you'd like to stay or eat at for future trips.

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One of our best memories was hanging out in the grand Floridian lobby. My girls sang disney movie songs with the piano player. It was great!!

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