Waited over 4 decades for this!

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Waited over 4 decades for this!

Hi everyone -

My husband and I recently relocated to Orlando for an extended period and I was beside myself with joy! I've grew up near Disneyland before moving to Oregon, and I've missed it ever since. The hardest part was being here and having to wait until the time was right to go - we arrived smack in the middle of the busiest Spring Break week! It wouldn't have made sense to rush in, since we're here for awhile.

We've since settled in and had a chance to go to the Magic Kingdom once in the evening, about 1 hour before the park closed at 11pm, however we did make three rides in that time period - Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World. We walked on to all three! I'm pretty happy about that, since they aren't quite as grand as I had remembered from my last trip to Disneyland over 30 years ago. Smile Can't say I'd be thrilled about waiting an hour or two in line for any of them.

However, we have discovered Epcot and fell in love! Must mean I'm getting old. We are headed back today so I can photograph the flower show that's currently underway. muchlove

Anyhow - I absolutely love Disney World and I'm happy to be here on this forum!

Nice to meet everyone Smile

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Nice to meet ya Tearei! So glad your so happy about being close to Disney. I know I keep pushing my wife to move down there, so your very lucky! But isn't Epcot just awesome!!! I learned to appreciate it as a kid, because my parents loved going there at night. It is the best resort to just relax in. Just love it! So glad you joined us here!


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Hello tearei and welcome to WDWforGrownUps! Glad to have you. I'm jealous your that close, but we will be there the end of May. We have a wonderful group of people on this forum and always happy to have another.

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Hello Tearei!!! Welcome to the forum!

How exciting to be able to relocate to Orlando! I'm so glad that You've discovered EPCOT and fell in love! What's you're favorite part so far? Be sure to post some of your pictures to share with us when you get back! I'm stuck in 40 degree weather right now and would love to see the flower show!

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Hi! tearei and welcome to WDWFG glad you found and joined our little group.


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Welcome welcome stars


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Welcome!! What park are you heading to next?


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Hi tearei and welcome!! And congratulations on the move!!! Now that's something worth waiting for!

clapping clapping clapping

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stars Welcome to the best board on the 'net!


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Welcome to the best Disney board around....That's so awesome that you get to live so close....can't wait to hear all about your trips there


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Welcome.You are living my dream. I would love to live in Orlando from October through March. The rest of the year is too hot. I may as well stay here in New Orleans during the summer. It is hot here also. I hope that you enjoy your new home.



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Hi Tearei! Welcome to FL and the forums! So, sounds like you and hubs invested right away in annual passes. Which version did you go with?

I've loved Epcot the best since the very first time I went there as a child! The Flower and Garden Fest is awesome.

There are so many treasures to find at all the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney. Let us know if you'd like some pointers on where to start with the other parks!