Water Parks

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Water Parks

Does anyone know if the water parks are open in mid October? Are they even worth spending a day at?

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As long as the weather is warm enough I believe they are both open.


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I don't know for certain, but I have heard in the past that from October-ish through March, only 1 water park might be open at a time. 1 closes for 3 months for rehab, then the other closes for 3 months for rehab, then they both open back up again.

That could be old info (or not even right), so I'd check with a CM to know for sure.

This question was also posted over on the Mom's Panel as well last year:


Hope that helps!

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iirc, Typhoon Lagoon is closed for maintenance at the end of the year, then they swap over and close Blizzard Beach at the start of the year.


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They should be. Both parks were open when I was this in mid-November.


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I don't know about the open question, but it will definitely be warm enough in October! When I was on my college program, there was a CM discount in the off season, so we went in February, probably around this time of the month and it was warm enough even then! Plus, the water at Typhoon Lagoon is heated.

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When we are there in November... one is always open. Didn't know about the maintenance so that makes sense on why only one is open and not both.


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