We finally met the Doc!

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We finally met the Doc!

Yeah! Mike and I finally met Disney Doc on Monday! We drove up for the day, since we spent last Weds.-Fri. at the World for my birthday. What a wonderful 2 hours we spent with her! We met up in EPCOT at British Revolution, who we all like, then we walked over to catch Off Kilter, another favorite. We finished with a Dole Whip with Rum for me, and chatted on the bench for a while, enjoying the company. We went home and Doc headed to HS I think, with definite plans to spend some more time together when she comes back down in June.
I told Mike on the way home "I just knew I'd like her" and I sure did make a new friend! Can't wait to see her again in June!



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Disney Doc and Julie
Disney Doc and Julie 37.54 KB
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How fun!! yay

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You guys are super cute! How fun!


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Meet ups are so much fun.


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Nice! You and Mike are pretty wonderful yourselves.

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Julie and Mike are pretty cool too! I knew I would love you guys too....we teacher people can talk till the cows come home and still not be done. I had to make myself leave!

So who do I get to meet in June?

I am having a blast here at AKL. Will give a report when I hit ground.



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Great pic...Glad you guys hit it off so well