What’s Your Biggest Disney Fear?

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What’s Your Biggest Disney Fear?

Whether we like it or not, Disney Parks are always changing. They grow, shrink, get overlays, new menus, new properties.
We talk a lot about things that we miss, but what's your biggest Disney fear for the future? Is there a point in time that you can see yourself falling off the Disney wagon?

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Very good question Kristen, one that I've actually given quite a bit of thought over the recent years. I love WDW as everyone does here, however I have a love/hate relationship with it as I do with many things in life these days. I've realized as I've grown older that this dichotomy is just a part of life, you take the good with the bad. I started going to WDW in 1981 when only MK existed. Hard to believe it's been nearly 40 years, amazing really.

I wish some of the old attractions were still around, admittedly I prefer dark rides, I always have. But let's face it Horizons would look pretty dated, even laughable today. Other "attractions" should still be around in my opinion such as Adventurers Club. But I have no control over theses decisions. On the other hand we've gotten AK, a new Fantasyland, TS land, Pandora, and as of 8/29 GE. These are all exciting, and I look forward to more growth over the next 20 years.

My fear is that WDW becomes so busy and expensive that it's no longer enjoyable. Here's where the love/hate part comes in, I love the parks but I hate crowds and waiting. We always try to go at the least busy times of year, but the last time we went at a "value season" it was still too crowded. As far as expense is concerned I have a good job and my wife owns a successful business so we can afford trips to Disney. Having said that, just because you can afford something doesn't mean you want to. We've stayed at both deluxe and moderate resorts over the past 25 years. Spending $500.00 a night for a room really is ridiculous. The last time we went we stayed at POFQ and had as good a time as we had at the deluxe resorts. As I've grown older where I stay has become less important to me. So if/when moderate resorts reach $500.00/night and the average wait time for an attraction is an hour I will probably fall off the wagon.


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Similar to wdwizbest my fear is that that having a great experience with hitting the best attractions becomes too privileged. As the parks get busier Disney seems to be attacking the problem with all kinds of upsells. And they are not cheap. If the only way to experience the best of Disney is to pay up for it, it will lose appeal for me. And depending on what it looks like it the rumors of paying for FPs come to fruition i might now out for a bit.

We're fortunate to have great jobs but like wdwizbest says, just because you can afford it doesn't mean you want to.

The other thing is just people in general. Disney has always been my happy place to escape reality, where everyone is friendly and happy and having a good time. But with constantly high crowd level, more alcohol offerings and deteriorating civility I can fall off the wagon. We already avoid Epcot in the evenings and on weekends because we've seen too many adults ruin the atmosphere.

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Pricing out of Disney is my biggest fear and I feel it is coming pretty damn quickly. We are already considering NOT renewing out APs in October. We really need to start expanding our travel portfolio and for what we are paying we could take a couple other trips during the year.

One of the other problems with price increases, people tend to have the "I paid a lot for this trip" and it gives them the air of I can be a jerk to everyone including CMs and other guests. Over the last couple years I have noticed more and more guests acting this way.

I personally have a friend who thinks her family can get "Magic" by complaining. That my dear is NOT magic. That is a CM appeasing you so you will shut the heck up. I think more and more people will have that attitude when they are spending sooooo much money for a once in a lifetime (which I think it is becoming for more and more people) trip.

I'm not saying we are going to stop going. We still have our DVC, there are other things to do in the Orlando area and who knows, we may just renew but the trips will be fewer and far between.


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The increase in price would be a big factor for us especially being Canadian and the fluctuation of the dollar.
The rudeness and entitled attitudes of people may be a factor. But I find that is becoming the norm everywhere now. It was nice to go to Disney and get away from that though waiting

If they ever decide to allow pets at all resorts, I might fall off the wagon laugh

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Pricing is huge for me, as it is I rarely Park-hop, and my trips are usually 5 nights or less to help reduce the cost. I can absolutely see Disney becoming just too expensive for me in the future and us letting go of Park days, just using our DVC points for the rooms. Also we may use more DVC points to cruise because that includes food. Crowds are also a factor for me, but so far I've been pretty good at avoiding them. October is getting much more crowded than I would like though and I'm feeling like I need to move those fall trips back further. With Disney striving to even out guest traffic and get it fairly stable across the year, there will slowly be fewer and fewer times I'm comfortable going. I don't know that I can honestly say I see myself giving up Disney, especially since we are DVC, but I do see the way we vacation changing due to things the company has done.

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Crowds would be my biggest fear. We are a DVC, and always buy annual passes so price is not much of an issue. Sure the price of annual prices gave increased a good bit lately. But doing the math it still costs us less than $25 a day each based on spending 21 days a year in the parks. There is not much else one can do for that price for all day entertainment.

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That they are going to put premiums on all the popular things. I can see them charging for fast passes. Non-refundable charge for dinner reservations. Like all the others, the cost is getting crazy. I see an annual pass only getting you the right to pay for premium services. Kinda like personal seat licenses for season tickets for sport teams.

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I pretty much agree with what everyone said. To be honest, I haven't planned a Disney trip in a while. Not because I really don't want to go based on what I've heard about the crowds, rudeness, prices going up, etc. But all those components concern me a whole lot and make me think twice. Not to mention that I have other higher preference travel destinations on my bucket list besides Disney. (i.e. London, Vegas and also vacationed for a week in Chicago for the first time ever last October.)

To answer the original question, I think my biggest fear is that money will have a bigger priority over experience or safety. I unfortunately think charging $150-$200 for a one-day ticket and/or charging for Fastpasses might be the expectation in the near future. I do worry that people may have to pay deluxe prices for values, as well. But the last thing I want is someone to get seriously hurt on a ride due to safety negligence or be a victim of a human stampede from the crowds.


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