What Makes Your Favorite Hotel?

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What Makes Your Favorite Hotel?

Many of us have WDW resort hotels that we consider our favorites. My question is, if you take theming out of the equation, what makes your favorite hotel your favorite? Do you like location? Floor space? Restaurants? Pools? Price? What goes into the make up of a Disney hotel that draws you to it?

Now remember, we're not talking about the theme, what are the nuts and bolts that you find enchanting about your favorite Disney hotel?

I love the amenities of a Disney Deluxe Resort. I want a lot of floor space, balcony with a water view, a variety of restaurants, and a great bed. When I narrow it down that way, I would have to say the Grand Floridian is my favorite because it has the most comfortable beds I've slept in at Disney.

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I like quiet, and the ones with places to walk around, especially at night. Which means I just talked myself back to POFQ...haha! (our go to).

Can I do a mix and match? I'll take the rain shower from the Poly and the contemporary feel and layout (and access and views!) of BLT and the quiet and lush ground of the PoFQ and the pool and location of the Beach club.

I clearly am not good at this, Kristen! laugh

One thing I really don't like at all is how cold it is inside the hallways of the Beach Club. I freeze walking to and from our room and my glasses will immediately fog up when I get outside. And sometimes your room location has you feeling like you are a mouse in a maze!

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I'd have to say either Bay Lake or Wilderness Lodge.

Bay Lake because I love walking to MK, I like how the kitchenette is a separate room with tons of space, theme park or water view, and nice to walk around.

Wilderness Lodge again for the proximity to MK, it's nice to walk around, water view and I love the nature trail!

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JeffC wrote:
my glasses will immediately fog up when I get outside.

I hate that! The year we stayed at Wilderness Lodge (Boulder Creek rooms) this happened to me every single time I walked out of the building. It drove me nuts.

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Ha! Location, location, location! BLT for Magic Kingdom trips, Beach Club for Food & Wine and Kidani for animal lovers!

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POFQ for the nostalgia, we've stayed at several deluxe hotels over the years but always come back.


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Kidani all the way for us.

I know so many people say "it's so far away from everything" and that is what we love. If we arrive, park and go up to our room, sometimes we don't see another single guest for a day or 2. After the hustle and bustle of the parks, that is a huge plus for us.

The lobby smells amazing and the African music playing makes you feel like you are anywhere but Disney The lack of QS is also fine with me, less people milling about and being loud and obnoxious. I kinda feel like it is the grown up mature Jambo house. LOL I've had my fun now it's time to grow up have some amazing dining, a small lounge and some quiet.

Plus they have that awesome Oreo cheesecake in Johari Treasures!!


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