what new country

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J wrote:
Considering Canada has the most frequent amount of Disney vistors of any country besides the US, they probably won't ever drop it. Just saying.

With all the awesome reviews of risotto, soup and steak Canada stays please!


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Poppet wrote:
I'd like to see Austrailia but in AK not Epcot. They could have the animal exhibits with Kangaroos, Dingo, Wallaby, Tazmanian Devils, and Koalas.

I'd rather see Australia in AK too,.. the caucasian (sp?) culture down there is newer than the US, even though the Aborigine culture might be interesting. The animal diversity would definitely interesting to see, between the mammal, avian, and marsupial species, plus Australia, and New Guinea are the only places you can find monotremes ( egg laying mammals). That might be cool.

After some consideration, Greece, Russia, or Egypt might be a good addition .


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The possibilities for an Australian exhibit/ride/store are endless! The country is so diverse I vote for Australia.
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Cant get rid of Norway either.... love the ride!


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Mase wrote:
Cant get rid of Norway either.... love the ride!

I second this! mickey