Which would you choose, POFQ or POR?

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Which would you choose, POFQ or POR?

Trying to decide on which side of Port Orleans to stay at for our upcoming May 2014 trip.
There will be 6 adults and my two girls who will be 12 & 13 at the time of the trip. I am not sure if we will be getting 2 or 3 rooms. DSis and boyfriend will only be staying for part of the trip.
I have watched Youtube videos of both resorts and they are both beautiful. I am leaning towards POR because I love Alligator Bayou and the possibilty of staying in a Royal room.
I know POR is huge while POFQ is smaller.
Any opinions are greatly appreciated.


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Have you looked at this?

There is some good insight.

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I like the FQ personally. Just looks and feels amazing. Just my insight... lol


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Hands down POFQ! The size of the resort and the themeing is unreal.

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We like Riverside for the great food court.

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I just returned from staying at FQ and loved it. It is smaller and quieter than Riverside. I did utilize the ferry to go to Riverside to eat in their food court because of a better food selection.


I'm going with Riverside. Just because I've never been and that's where we're staying yay

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Stayed at POFQ last year and am writing this from POR and I vote....POFQ. It's just so quaint and charming. You can't go wrong either way, POR is definitely bigger but not too bad. I just feel once you get out of the main lobby area it loses some of its theme (I'm in Magnolia, so it's just a big white building) where as I always felt the New Orleans vibe of the FQ.


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