Who are the better trip planners -- Men or Women?

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When it comes to Disney...he leads, we follow, and it's always super awesome! Of course if we have an opinion he will listen. All other vacations we do together but Disney is HIS thing!



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In our household the man being me is the planner. Whether or not I am the better planner I am unsure of since it always seems to fall in my lap. Not complaining for it means I get to decide what we do first.

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Oh, it's Mrs. Tex for sure. I find it hard to get worked up about planning a vacation, even when I know that it's necessary. I just instinctively think of a vacation as a time to just let things happen. Mrs. Tex comes up with the details, makes the reservations, and lets me know when I need to get us to the airport. She also pays the bills, which is a darned good thing because if I were actually aware of how much a vacation were costing us, we'd probably never go. Probably? No, we DEFINITELY would never go. I'm that much of a cheapskate. That's why I keep her around. (Well, that's not the ONLY reason. muchlove )


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