Your Favourite Trip..

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Your Favourite Trip..

Ok..For those lucky people who have been countless of times,this question will be a tough one...But for the likes of myself,who have only had 5 trips..( I count myself lucky ) Our first two trips were a 2 centre vacation..One week inside and one week outside the bubble...So it was all new to us...2004...CBR...2006..POFQ....Then came 2008 and our first stay at PORS...Again it was a new resort and we had never done any water park before,so TL and BB were new also..That was our first 14 nights staying on site..2010 again we went back to PORS for 14 nights,again we done stuff we had never done...But our last trip in 2012 to PORS for our third time was different in many ways..My DS was almost 15,and I wondered if we would return as a family,so I took every opportunity to engulf in the magic..We spent our $$$$ like there was no tomorrow..We were up at the crack of dawn on most days.. We had some awesome signature dining experiences..( watching wishes from the 15th floor of CG was a memory I'll never forget ) So all these things put together made our last trip my favourite...At this moment in time,I'am still saving those bucks and hoping that in 2015,we will return for what I'am sure will be our final farewell.. sad ..So yes when we watch our Disney vacation DVDs..Last years trip was my all time favourite...Here's hoping that 2015 will beat it...Have you a favourite one that maybe holds a memory close to your heart.?..Love to hear your stories..

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I've been countless times, but I can easily narrow my favorite trips down to three.

My 8th grade graduation trip with my Aunt and Grandmother was wonderful, we spent a full two weeks, one in a Villa (at a Disney resort that was torn down years ago) and one in a camper at Fort Wilderness. We did EVERYTHING (it was easier to do back then) and I had the time of my life.

More recently I would have to say my 10th Anniversary Trip with my husband. It was just 4 nights, and I was in the Emergency Room the night before we left, but being forced to slow down and relax made for a wonderful trip. We only did one ride, it was mostly about just hanging out and spending time with each other.

My favorite trip of all however would have to be in May 2012 to Disneyland with my kids. Once again, I was really ill, which forced me to slow down and take naps every day. A brilliant luxury. We had a two bedroom Villa at the Grand Californian overlooking Paradise Pier for 5 nights. It was laid back, relaxed, and we accomplished just about everything we wanted to.

Hrmm.... I'm seeing a theme develop here.

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I'm with you, Fergus in that I've only been there five times myself.

Let's see I really think only one trip comes to mind for me and it stands out so much than the others.

I would have to say my HS senior class trip in 2009 was very special. It was my visit in..oh gosh, 8 or 9 years, I believe, so that was a long gap! I think what also helped was that my love for Disney in general was revived somehow during my teen years shockingly. Trust me, I would not consider myself a fan of Disney if you asked me if I was a fan when I was 10 or 11. It wasn't that I disliked it per say but I was going through a phase where other interests emerged more than others. But when I walked down Main Street USA and saw the castle, I must have gone through what every young child feels when they see Disney World for the first time. It's just mind-blowing and jaw-dropping that words can't really describe the walk. But I just remember enjoying myself so much and getting to do things that most children get to experience like meeting characters or going on their favorite rides. I was 18 when I got to interact with my favorite characters for the first time ever and I got ride the classics for the first time like Peter Pan's Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean. I think my love for Disney World was cemented right there! mickey


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It's hard to pick just one. My first back in the eighties was special because it was the first. The one I took this year was also great because I met new friends from that other place and had an all round great time, but if I had to pick just one it would have been the one in 2011 because everything including the weather was perfect ( no rain in June). We never seemed to wait on line, James got to pull the sword out of the stone, we hit just about every M&G, every meal was just about perfect. And that was after stopping at Kennedy Space center on the way down where they were having Star Trek summer and James got chosen to be the savior of the Federation.

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Like most people on this forums, I grew up visiting WDW twice per year for vacation. There are two trips that are the most memorable to me:

July 1-14, 1997 - We took our 33ft long camper down to WDW and stayed in Fort Wilderness. I say 33ft because at the time, Disney had only 3 camping spots that would accommodate that long camper! We stayed for two weeks and had the best time. We had a 10 day hopper and just took our time visiting each park and water park, man I miss River Country!!! We took our bicycles and hung out at the campground. It was just the best family vacation I've ever had. We had a blast! We still talk about this trip all the time.
The campground is one of the best hidden gems at WDW, in my opinion. If you have a camper or RV, you should consider going. It is so worth it!

My second trip would be the trip we just took in May 2013 with my hubby. We went to WDW for 3 days, stayed at BWV (1st time), and then went on the Disney Fantasy for a week. It was seriously magical ya'll. biggrin

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The best WDW trip I had was on the last day of school in 6th grade I got home and both my parents were home. They said the usual congrats on finishing the year, and are you glad it's summer. After a little while they said "well are you
Ready?" I asked for what? And they said we have to get to the airport! At the airport was my parents best friends with their 2 sons who were my age. It was a surprise for them too. It was a great vacation. We all stayed at the Contemporary and us kids got to go off on our own to explore a lot. I have the photo album of this trip on a bookcase in my room.


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