Yum, yum..salad never tasted so good!

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Yum, yum..salad never tasted so good!

Since I have those pesky gallstones my doctor told me a diet low in saturated fat would do me some good. Basically..not a ton of animal products. Like the good stuff..cheese..ice cream..bacon..yummy. I was seriously depressed about this for about a week until today I decided to make the Honey Lime Dressing from Ohana's amazing salad. Seriously, I like salads but I could eat this salad ALL day long.

I've made it before but it tastes exceptional today! I love it. I got the recipe from here. They have tons of recipes here as well..I think I am going to make the Honey Corriander Wing Sauce later and marinate some chicken..oh yes please! Perhaps I should have an Ohana themed dinner soon to help with my Disney Depression?

Anyone else whip up Disney recipes when they are missing the world?


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What a great idea, Bella! Actually, while helping my mom with some cleaning last week, I ran across her F&W cookbook from last year. I don't remember her buying it...but I think that's because she shooed me away while she bought me the festival pin for my bday! Anyway, I mean to steal it the next time I'm at her house - like, tomorrow - and make something yummy. I'll keep you posted Smile


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We took my parents to Boma a long time ago (when we could afford it) and my mom loved the ginger carrot soup so she got the recipe. For whatever reason she never made it, so last year Mike surprised her and made it for her, she was so excited and it was so good! She makes it now for company and everyone loves it. I am going to look for the zebra domes recipe, and try them next week if I can find it. We always look at the cook books (Mike does all the cooking) but figure there's more available on line, the cook books seem specialized, Desserts of Disney, etc.
I'm going to try the Ohana dressing Bella, sounds wonderful for a summer dinner, and we always get in the salad rut, same things in it, same dressing.



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Disney food at home sounds like a great way to relive the memories when going through disney withdrawals



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