Disney Ticket Option Tools

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When you go to WDW, you're going to need some tickets.  Sometimes, though, all of the options can become a bit confusing.  Park hopper? No expiration? Finding the right ticket for your personal trip can be easy with our handy info.

Some Ticket Basics:
If you just want to visit one park, say the Magic Kingdom, for one day only, then a Base Ticket is for you.  You can choose Base Tickets for each day of your stay, or each day you want to go to a theme park.

But say you'd like to visit Animal Kingdom in the morning and finish the day in Epcot.  Adding the Park Hopper option to your Base Ticket gives you that freedom. Visit as many parks - yes, even all four if you'd like - as you want in any given day.

For even more options to fill your time at Disney, consider the Water Park and More option.  Not only does this let you explore the theme parks, it also gives you access to Disney's two water parks and the indoor theme park DisneyQuest.

Finally, if you'd like to keep some days to use again in the future, then the No Expiration option is for you.  This option does just what it says: it keeps any unused days for you to use again at any time in the future.