Disney Trip Planning for Seniors

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Quite often thoughts of a Disney vacation conjure images of swarms of crying children and three hour waits in Florida humidity for a ninety second ride. A traveler of a more mature nature, a.k.a. a senior, might say "Thanks, but no thanks" to that kind of vacation, even if it does feature Mickey and his gang. We're not going to tell you there are no kids and no substantial wait times to be found at Disney; what we will tell you that WDW can be quite an enjoyable experience for the senior set, and with some planning, you might find yourself becoming a Disney enthusiast in your golden years.

Think of it. Disney offers so much that virtually anyone at any age can find something enjoyable to do. If rides aren't so much your idea of a good time, perhaps quality shows are, and Disney abounds with some really good entertainment in the parks and out. Perhaps consider traveling when there is the added bonus of a festival thrown in, like Epcot's Food and Wine festival (who doesn't like some eats and drinks?) or their Flower and Garden fest. Want to get away from the parks? Try your hand at fishing or a round of golf.

Give our guide pages a try to help plan the best vacation for you; we're here to help guests of all ages get the most out of their Disney vacation!