Attractions To Relax On At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom is foot by foot the largest of the Disney Parks. It's full with lush vegetation, exotic animal habitats, and thrilling rides - but after a few hot hours in the Disney jungle, it's nice to take a little break. These four great attractions let your party keep on touring while still offering folks the chance to sit down and rest for a few. Whether you just want to get off of your feet or you're looking for a climate controlled retreat, head to a viewing of these Animal Kingdom gems for a few minutes to refresh.

Attractions To Relax On at Disney's Animal KingdomAttractions To Relax On at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Festival of The Lion King

The fan favorite has settled into it's new home in Harambe Village (it relocated here in 2014) with a vibrant energy all its own. The Harambe Theatre is home to a stage phenomenon, that tells the story of Simba through moving songs, dance routines, cutting edge acrobatics, and stunning aerial performances. The Festival of The Lion King is a great place to have a seat on a bench and enjoy the wonderful 30 minute show.

Festival of The Lion King at Disney's Animal KingdomFestival of The Lion King at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Flights of Wonder

At the heart of this feathered showcase, is Disney's message of conservation. It begins with a graceful and mystic overview of the majestic avian world, where guests can wonder at the beauty of some truly magnificent animals. A lighthearted tour guide helps to showcase the colorful personality of birds for the audience to get to know. While this show offers a 25 rest, it currently takes place in a shaded open-air theater with bench seating.

Bald Eagle in Flights of WonderBald Eagle in Flights of Wonder

Finding Nemo: The Musical

Located at Theater In The Wild, between Asia and Dinoland, Finding Nemo: The Musical is an exceptional experience in theatrical puppetry. Guests will enjoy a swim through the big blue as they watch the story of Marlin and Nemo as told by a cast of puppets, dancers, acrobats and animated backdrops. Seating in this theater takes the form of benches with backs. The Broadway style show lasts about 30 minutes.

It's Tough To Be A Bug

If you can handle the 4D multi-sensory experience with all things creepy crawlie, then It's Tough To Be A Bug might be the spot for you to take a break. This attraction, housed in the trunk of the spectacular Tree of Life, takes a look at the trials and tribulations of being a bug with humor and whimsy. Seating here is on bench seats with backs that have been enhanced to create a 4D experience. With a show length of about 12 minutes, it's a place to rest while still being in the thick of the fun.

Flick, The Friendly Blue AntFlick, The Friendly Blue Ant

Do you have a favorite spot to slow down when you're in Disney's Animal Kingdom? Have you been known to sneak a secret nap in on an attraction? Leave me a comment and let me know where you go to revive in the middle of the day!

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