Fantasyland Expansion


Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park Vice Presidents Switch Jobs

In a move that many believe signals big changes at Disney's Hollywood Studios, two theme park vice presidents have swapped roles. Magic Kingdom vice president Phil Holmes is trading places with Disney's Hollywood Studios vice president Dan Cockrell in the next month.

New and Improved Fantasyland Set to Debut December 6

The big news out of Walt Disney World recently is that guests visiting the Magic Kingdom this December will get to see the fruits of the Fantasyland expansion labor. December 6 is the date set for the new Fantasyland's grand opening.

New Fantasyland Splash Pad Now Open

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom now have a new way of beating the heat. The Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station opened last Friday in the Storybook Circus part of Fantasyland.

Casey Jr., the steam engine featured in "Dumbo" that pulled the circus into town, and its four boxcars full of animals (monkeys, camels, elephants and giraffes) begin a "journey" every ten minutes or so. Though the train doesn't move, guests can hear locomotive sounds and see a mist coming from the train.

Snow White's Scary Adventures Closing This Week

We brought you a story back in 2011 about the closing of Snow White's Scary Adventures as the Fantasyland expansion continues. Now that time is upon us as the last day to experience this classic Magic Kingdom ride is Thursday, May 31.

Disney Parks Expansions and Additions Exceed $3 Billion

When Disney improves upon its parks, it improves. The company has surpassed the $3 billion mark in its park additions and expansions - a first in its history. To give an idea of where all that moolah is going, here is a breakdown of recent work at Disney parks worldwide:

  • Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World: The Fantasyland expansion, the largest in the park's four decade history, will top out around $425 million when the construction is done.

Fantasyland Expansion Model Comes To DHS

In case you missed it during its last showing at the 2011 D23 Expo, the new Fantasyland expansion model is now on display at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The model, which outlines the vision of the larger, improved Fantasyland, is now able to be viewed by guests at the One Man's Dream exhibit inside DHS. One Man's Dream gives guests insight into Walt Disney's dreams and how his visions came to life.

Right now, there's no set time frame on how long the model will be on display at One Man's Dream.

Disney Announces Fantasyland Expansion Opening Dates

Part of Walt Disney World's highly anticipated Fantasyland expansion in Magic Kingdom has already opened, and earlier this week, Mickey and Company gave guests an idea of when to expect other phases of the project to be complete.

While some of Storybook Circus attractions have opened to guests, the rest of the area is expected to open this summer. Look for the second half of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and the Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak station to be ready for guests in July.

Three Fantasyland Expansion Attractions Now Open

Guests heading out to Magic Kingdom this spring will have the chance to take in three new attractions in the theme park's Storybook Circus portion of Fantasyland. This part of the ongoing Fantasyland expansion is now in what's called a "soft-opening" phase. The new attractions include:

  • The first section of "Dumbo, the Flying Elephant"
  • The Goofy roller coaster: "The Barnstormer, Starring The Great Goofini" roller coaster
  • "The Fantasyland Train Station"

Snow White Attraction To Close In June

There's official word from Disney as to when a classic attraction will be closed for good. Snow White's Scary Adventures will be closing June 1 of this year.

The attraction, which has been around since 1971, will close as the Fantasyland expansion continues at Walt Disney World. In its place will be the new home for the Disney princesses and their meet and greet.

Snow White and her Dwarfs will get an update as part of the expansion; they're set to feature in a new mine-themed roller coaster.

New Dumbo Ride At Fantasyland Recently Tested

Progress is certainly being made at the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland expansion. Recently, the new and improved Dumbo ride was spotted being tested in preparation for its expected debut in February.

Dumbo looks to have received some upgrades in this new imagining of the classic attraction. First off, sources note the ride will fly clockwise and is the first ride in any of the Disney parks to do so. Next, the ride's topper also looks to be getting a makeover with Timothy Mouse being replaced by a "bevy of storks."

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