CM Costumes: Thoughts?

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CM Costumes: Thoughts?

This post from Disney Parks Blog about the new Fantasyland costumes made me think of CM costumes. Are there any that make you cringe? Any that you love? Do they add to the theming or detract? I was amazed at the detail that wardrobe puts into costumes after I read an article about the redesign of the CM costume for MouseGears.


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My favorites have to be Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion... I remember a time when I think A Small World had a theme for the costumes and they looked ridiculous.... but I could be wrong and it was the theme for all of Fantasyland... but just remember they looked like bigger versions of the ride...


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Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror get my vote too!

I can't think of any cringe worthy ones...I'll get back to you on that!


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I'll vote for Haunted Mansion too. There have to be some good ones in the Animal Kingdom, right? I'm drawing a blank.

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I think that the worst cast member costume uniforms are the ones that the bus drivers used to wear before they changed to a much more professiional uniform about two years ago. (Think purple) Smile


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Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Main St USA, Liberty Tree Tavern, and Sleepy Hollow.

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I agree Tower of Terror has the best costumes right now. I think Expedition Everest is next. Worst goes to the People Mover in Tomorrowland.


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I love the costumes the CMs wear. I think my favorites are those worn on Main Street.

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When I was working at AK, I worked on Discovery Island and I had to wear the worst costume at WDW I think. It was a long skirt with beetles on it and a tunic-shirt thing with elephants that didn't really match the skirt. But once I got transferred to DTD Design-a-Tee we got to wear t-shirts that we made and black pants and the cutest aprons ever! It was a good redemption.

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I absolutely LOVE the Navy Suits with red bow ties that the ticket takers and crowd control folks are wearing now. They look fantastic. I think I may have commented on it more than a dozen times when I was there last month. Everyone just looks sharp, and it fit in great with the feeling of Main Street.

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I think all the costumes that they wear are spot on to what they are doing