Added PORS to our Disney Vacation in April-May

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Added PORS to our Disney Vacation in April-May

So all is lined up for the 7- day stay at a 1-bedroom Villa at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa from 30 April - 07 May... The problem is, that we have to leave a day early now since my son has his end of year select team soccer tourney, which the schedule just came out.. Well, we wanted to make a complete week out of our trip, and since this could be the last for a while, I figured getting the extra day would be well worth it, not to mention the flights were about $140 cheaper (for 4 of us combined) to leave a day earlier. So I shopped around and found Port Orleans Riverside as the best deal right now for AP holders, so I grabbed it for the night of the 29th of April. We'll be in the Royal Guest Room - River View, so I'm excited to see what all PORS has to offer. Of course, we're from the greater New Orleans area, so it'll be interesting to see how, we as locals think of how Disney did replicating the theming and vibe of New Orleans. I am sure we will enjoy our short stay, either way. Disney does know how to DO IT RIGHT!!!

I set up my MDE last night for the inbound flight. I'll have to call SSR today to schedule our outbound MDE. Hopefully there is no issue with coming and going from two different resorts.. I'm sure folks do it all the time.. One question I do have is: How do we go about moving our luggage from one resort to the other when there is a 5-hour lag between check-out and check-in? We plan on being at the parks most of the day on Saturday and don't want to deal with moving luggage and waiting around.. Anyone have experience doing this on a past trip? Any tips would be appreciated.

Tomorrow is the 30-day mark, so it won't be much longer now... mickey awesome

Pre-trip report coming soon... waiting awesome


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awesome awesome awesome

Take your luggage to bell services and ask them to transfer the bags to Saratoga Springs. You will not have access to your luggage until later in the day, but when you go to Saratoga Springs that evening you should be able to pick up your bags at bell services. Scott at Saratoga Springs bell services is top notch muchlove

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Luggage transfer is so easy Allie is so correct. There is a chance it may even be in your room for you when you get to SSR. As for Magical Express. I would call to get the outbound changed. There is no issue at all with coming into one resort and leaving from another. But I found a call is the best.

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yay yay we love POR!!! we may see you walking through the grounds! I hope you love it as much as we love it!