ADR's made... now we wait

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ADR's made... now we wait

Well, all of our ADR's have been made for a little while now, but just like the last time we went to the world, I've switched them roughly 67 times and we leave in a few weeks. So basically I'm looking for any good / bad experience stories from everyone here on the different restaurants we have scheduled. Lets get started...

I tried to only schedule a TS ADR for each day while we will be getting our QS on the fly. This is basically because my DW doesn't want to be bound by a schedule that dictates where to be and when. So, I tried to limit that aspect as much as I thought would be OK while still guaranteeing a chance to sit and relax for a meal. She is also pregnant, and I don't think she is anticipating this being an issue, but I know her.... It WILL be an issue! She is very good at being 'not so pleasant' and blaming it on being pregnant (or me.....more than likely, it's me). waiting

All restaurants listed are places we have never been to with the exception of Crystal Palace.

Day 1 - we will arrive midday to the resort and I have an ADR for the Hoop Dee Doo Review. This has already been paid for, and will not be changed.
Day 2 - MK lunch at Crystal Palace, my Sister is friends with Pooh this day, so this will also not be changed
Day 3 - EPCOT Dinner at the Beirgarten
Day 4 - Resort day Dinner at Boma
Day 5 - AK late lunch at Yak & Yeti
Day 6 - DTD lunch at T Rex

This will leave us with an extra TS meal per person that I would like to spend. So, I ask you... Should I change any of these? Does anyone have any opinions on where and when to use up the extra TS credit?


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All looks good to me drummer1! We have never eaten at Beirgarten thought, so I have no opinion on that. Hoop Dee Doo is a blast, although the food is "okay", (buckets of Barbecue Spare Ribs and Fried Chicken), the show is a blast.

There is a new restaurant in DTD called The Boathouse which looks pretty interesting.

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Looks like a fun trip.

HDDR is great- food is OK
I'm not a fan of CP but I am of the characters
Biergarten is good fun. If I remember, the pretzel bread and some cream soup is very good. And of course the giant beers.
Y&Y is one of my favorites. Sometimes we just order a bunch of appetizers. And try the fried Ice cream dessert.

Never been to Boma or TRex

Have fun!


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After talking with the DW all morning about this, we may either opt to use the extra credits on the morning of day 4 (which is our resort day). Or, switch Boma to a fine / signature dining place. But we will have our 4 YO with us, so we may be leaning more towards a TS breakfast.

And, I absolutely love fine dining... Oh well, it's all for the kids


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I've never eaten at Biergarten or Crystal Palace but I LOVE Hoop Dee Doo (as others have said, for the fun factor more then the food) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yak & Yeti. Boma I thought was good and definitely worth doing, though it's not on my "must return" to list but I know a lot of people would disagree with me.

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Sounds great! If you can snag BOG or Sanna they both would be good choices!


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Sounds super delicious to me Smile

We had a fantastic time at Hoop-Dee-Doo in February. I love Boma and Yak & Yeti.