Alcohol Getting Added to 4 More Magic Kingdom Restaurants

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oldtink wrote:
Shock Shock
JoAnn C wrote:
wdwizbest wrote:
I guess it's possible to overindulge during a meal. It seems unlikely though especially at about $9.00 (or more) a pop. ........

I pretty much said the same thing when they announced beer & wine at Be Our Guest.

If a person does get drunk during dinner at MK, they've more than likely had a head start before they arrived.

Or they smuggled it in Shock

As in the other locations, any place has the right to refuse service to someone they believe to be intoxicated. They just don't do that as often at Epcot (imo).
Two years ago, I and my friend had a wine and our husbands had beer at BOG and the only thunder and lightning was because we were in the rose room... waiting

I think the reason it's difficult at Epcot (or Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom...Epcot just gets more of a draw with drinking around the world) is because the alcohol is available at kiosks and not just sit down restaurants. At kiosks it is probably a lot more difficult to determine in a 20 sec interaction if someone has had to much. And it's really easy for someone else to walk up and order a drink for a friend if they have been cut off by a CM. At a sit down restaurant it's a lot easier to enforce that "over served" standard because the person is sitting right there. You have longer interactions with them, more time to observe their behavior, and you can see how many drinks they've had vs. the grazing at multiple outdoor kiosks.

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I've witnessed people being served at Epcot that were visibly so intoxicated they could hardly walk. I remember being in the beer/wine store in the Germany pavilion and seeing a guy get served a pint of beer that was barely able to stand. As he walked away with his beer, he was unstable to the point of beer spilling out of the cup onto the floor and it took him about 5 minutes to find the exit. The cast member clearly had bad judgement in that case.

Having said that, I can't see this happening at MK since liquor isn't available as freely as at Epcot.

Regardless, it's a shame that some people have to get so wasted and not even remember being at Disney World.

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wdwizbest wrote:
I assume none of these places have a bar, just a restaurant. I guess it's possible to overindulge during a meal. It seems unlikely though especially at about $9.00 (or more) a pop. I can think of much better places to go to "drink" other than MK if that was my express purpose. However there is always that one idiot........

But it's going to be that ONE idiot. Or a few idiots, but not a whole restaurant full of idiots. And those idiots can easily fill up at a nearby resort and then stumble all over the Magic Kingdom.

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At this point in my life when I go to MK, drinking booze is not really high on my list. I would not pick a restaurant based solely on availability of alcohol, if it's on the menu and I'm in the mood I might have a drink. I don't care if someone else wants to have a drink. I can certainly understand a parent needing a drink though lol. I would be more concerned if restaurants started having bars & kiosks serving alcohol were installed. I honestly don't see this happening, but then I never thought MK would serve booze either..... I can understand purists that are against it concerns as well. However it is a moot point now, so we'll see. crossfingers


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